Direct musical help to Africa

 Joas and Joyce play the Amadinda rhythms

Joas and Joyce play the 12/8 Amadinda rhythms

MUZIKI is a danish private initiative to support Ruhija School of Music in the Bukoba area of Tanzania by collecting and supplying the school with musical instruments and gear.

MUZIKI helps Ruhija School of Music to establish a full modern instrumentarium. This school educates musicians and teachers to master both traditional african music and European and American styles, church music, pop and world music.

The students study up to 2 years. The school fees are heavy since the school is always in lack of funds. So for both students and the school it is difficult to purchase instruments.

The demand for instruments is urged by the fact, that after finished studies, the students need to bring one or two instruments with them to the villages, to be able to serve as musicians or music teachers there.

By assistance from MUZIKI, this is now possible by the 4th delivery, so that the 9 students finishing in june 2013 are supplied with guitars. And Ruhijas stationary gear is being supplied and improved.

MUZIKI gets second hand donations from institutions, companies, shops and ordinary people in Denmark. The instruments are repaired and adjusted before they are shipped to Tanzania. This was sucesfully done through the help of an organization, that send containers with hospital equipment to the area.

Ruhijas Music School Hall - solar cells on the roof

Ruhijas beautiful Music School Hall - solar cells on the roof

Lately through Morsoe U-landsforening.

MUZIKI has also delivered by giving directly the instruments to students, who carry them to the destination in connection with student exchange visits to a music college in Kongsberg, Norway.

MUZIKI repairs ands adjusts all instruments before it is sent. Only full working gear is submitted. Sponsoring craftsmen and shops support this initiative by giving discounts and gifts.

MUZIKI supports the growing of new african music based on both traditional, classical and electrical instruments. By use of solar cells, rock guitars are now used in Ruhija.

MUZIKI supports an area in Africa, that is severely struck by the hardships of the continent. Stagnating harvests, starvation, powerty, AIDS and other deceases, corruption and nepotism.

Testing new electric guitars with solar batteries.

Testing new electric guitars with solar batteries.

Music is a strong and uniting factor in african culture, bringing hope, communion and happines into the dayly life.

MUZIKI is a grassroot initiative with no money involved. No administration, no salaries. Only instruments and gear, that are delivered directly from donor to the users in Ruhija.




Computers for music edition from MUZIKI


MUZIKI v/ Jesper Carlsen
Tretommervej 44
8240 Risskov


+45 29274975


Jesper Carlsen, musician, music school teacher at Viborg  Music School, Denmark.

Latest delivery of instruments:

Reparing instruments is a part of Muzikis work

August 10th 2012: A container was shipped with 11 guitars and 1 keyboard, notes, strings and spare parts. Arrived Bukoba in nov.2012 and confirmed in use atRuhija June 2013.


New students to Ruhija School of Music

Please Contact:

Principal Mrs. Bridget Ngeiyamu

Principal Mrs. Bridget Ngeiyamu



+255 786689986


Ruhija School of Music
P.O.Box 98


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